John doesn't like milk or orange juice. He doesn't like fish, fruit, carrots or cheese. He likes sweets and chocolate. Chocolate is his favourite snack.

Ever day he asks his mother for chocolate, but his mother says, "John, don't be so greedy*."

One day, John found* a magic coin with his name on it.

John crossed the street and went* into a chocolate shop.

"Hello, John," said the shopkeeper.

"How do you know my name?" asked John.

"Look at your coin. Give the coin to me and I'll give you chocolate."

John went home, went into his bedroom and put the chocolate under his bed.

That night, John finished his supper quickly. He went chocolate to his room and ate* all his chocolate. He was very happy.

It was the best chocolate in the world





The next morning, John drank* his orange juice. , It tasted like chocolate.

At school, he put his pencil in his mouth. It turned to chocolate.

He ate* his apple. It tasted like chocolate.

Then his spoon turned to chocolate, too.

John went home to find his mother.

He touched her and she turned to chocolate, too.

John was scared. He went* back to the chocolate shop.

At the chocolate shop, he found* his chocolate orange juice, his chocolate pencil, and his chocolate spoon.

"Everything is chocolate I am sick of chocolate! I was greedy," John said to the man in the shop.

"Go home, John," said the man in the shop. "Everything is okay."

John went home. His mother was in the kitchen making supper.

Everything was back to normal. And the magic coin?

It's back on the street with a new name on it